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Affordable and high-quality music artist merchandise creation service

High-quality creation for the best expression

We never compromise. We use the latest equipment and advanced technology to ensure that your art, message and vision are reflected in the best possible product. High quality is not just a word, we believe it translates to customer and client satisfaction.

Customization to meet your individual needs

We will do our utmost to meet your ideas and requests. Even with minor customizations, we will create special, one-of-a-kind novelty goods that cannot be found in mass-produced products. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

Easy to use with low lot prices

Do you think you can only get high-quality products at high prices? Compared to other services, we offer high-quality products at a cheaper price per lot. This allows you to easily create original goods without worrying about the risk of holding large amounts of inventory or unnecessary costs.

How to order

①From the form below

Please contact us

Select the quantity, material and engraving you want from the buttons.

Please feel free to contact us regarding materials, etc.

We will explain in detail.

② Contact us for a quote

After receiving detailed information from your inquiry

We will send you a quote.

③Payment of fees

Once payment is received, we will begin production.

④ Sample temporary report

Once one item is completed, we will send you a sample via email and if there are no problems, we will continue working on it.

⑤Delivery of finished products

The completed product will be packaged and shipped to the customer.

Order Fee

Please consult us.

Please feel free to contact us

Regarding material costs, please contact us directly using the materials you wish to purchase on Amazon, etc.

You can also send it to us

Any remaining materials will be sent to you.

The maximum engraving size is 410 x 410 mm (41 cm on each side).

Please note that we cannot engrave anything that exceeds this size.

*The size of the object to be engraved does not matter.

Engraving Samples

Request Form






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